R-ESTATES Property – what is it?

Finances are invested for their own recreation, and for the purpose of obtaining profit in the future. Not to mention how profitable and attractive is investment in real estate in this region. If the seller is a natural person, immediately before the conclusion of the contract of sale be sure to check the package of documents which includes: passport holder, the registration certificate of ownership, certificate of BTI, extract from the Unified register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it – you must confirm that the property is not mortgaged or under arrest and is not encumbered with rights of third parties. How so? But then my friends showed me around located near estate agencies and I realized that the apartment in Turkey — this is a good investment. This should be discussed with the Builder in advance.

The next opportunity to use the accommodations for the benefit of themselves — handing over flats to rent and make a profit. Turkish town impressed me with its accuracy, well-maintained and well-developed infrastructure. Well, another option is to purchase real estate with the help of mortgage lending.

And, because it was always about considerable amounts of money, do not want to make a mistake. Finances are invested for their own recreation, and for the purpose of obtaining profit in the future. This, in my opinion, wrong. Since purchasing property in this country, you automatically get a residence permit, and after 5 years of residency to obtain citizenship. Costa Blanca is popular for its picturesque, charming bays, small towns located at the foot of the mountains, trails connecting the cities along the coast and many interesting attractions. Now tips on how to properly sell the apartment itself. Of course, instead of frustrated customers, the court will be obliged to return the money, however, there is no guarantee that this money will eventually be returned. The apartment will be transferred back to the former owner or his relatives. Probably, at least once in your life, the question of buying a home becomes every man.